About Our Produce

We produce healthy and nutritious, locally grown and organic produce in small amounts from our integrated, holistically managed farm.  You are welcome to come and buy direct from the farm, but please call or email us first to arrange a convenient time.

  • Sweet chestnuts and chestnut products
  • Herbs and Vegetables
  • Pork and Lamb – free range and organically grown on pasture our pork and lamb are available in packaged cuts or pre-ordered as a whole or half side order.  Our pork is now raised in conjunction with a neighbour farmer Mike and his family at Drovers Rest under the label Organic Fine Food Company.
  • Poultry and Eggs

These are comments from chefs and customers of our chestnut fed pork:

“The diet of nuts makes for a distinctively more complex, satisfying taste. “

“Just letting you know that the Pork you supplied us is probably the best we have ever had at Vasse Felix!
We aged them on the bone for 3 weeks and cooked the loins today ……Wow
Thankyou for providing us with such an amazing product…!! “
Regards Aaron Carr, Executive Chef, Vasse Felix, Margaret River

“Hi Linda, I just wanted to say that your pig I bought from you was amazing.
We have just finished using all the pig and it was a big hit with the staff and customers.”
Ben Keal, Head Chef, The Stables Bar and The Reveley, Perth

“It was the best pig I have ever had. I’m not just saying that. “
Peter Manifis

“Your pork was very very nice and tasty. “
Michael Elfwing, Cape Lodge  

“The pork was beautiful and really well received by our customers.  We did the belly in kumquat Jam (as a little entree), we have ash cured and smoked the legs and they are currently hanging in our fridge and will be ready as a nice smoked prosciutto in around 3 months.  We served the chops with vegetables and a wheat beer sauce and Danish feta, and we have home smoked the bacon and have yet to use that on a dish.   One of my chefs has taken photos of some of the dishes (as promised), and I will forward these onto you once he is back at work.  The chestnuts my pastry chef has used for one of his desserts – the Mont Blanc.  All in all, very happy with the product.”
Damian Gates,  Head Chef, Willoughby Winery and Restaurant

“Hi Linda and John
We had one of the pork shoulders on Sunday and it was superb. Slow cooked for 6 hours it was super tender, moist and just fell apart. The fat was something else again (I wonder if that is where the unique flavour from the chestnuts is stored) and together with some roasted winter veggies and some potatoes from our last trip to Pemberton it all made for a pretty memorable meal. Can’t wait to try something similar with the second shoulder!!! Cheers and all the best”
Andrew and Gail

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