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Chestnut Brae Farm is 70 idyllic acres of mature organic sweet chestnut forests that were planted biodynamically in 1985, mushroom crops, heirloom vegetables and heritage animals that are all farmed sustainably using regenerative agriculture and holistic management.

Sweet Chestnuts

Our sweet chestnut trees (Castanea sativa) produce 12 tonne of chestnuts each Autumn. Chestnut Brae uses grazing animals to help build microbial activity in the soil to increase soil health. Our pasture raised animals, fed with sweet chestnuts, produce the sweetest flavoured meat you will experience. From the chestnuts we produce organic gluten free chestnut flour, chestnuts in syrup, peeled frozen chestnuts and a range of other chestnut based products and from our beautiful European looking orchards we produce Chestnut Honey and Chestnut Orchard Honey.

The farmers
John and Linda Stanley have a passion about healthy living, healthy food and a healthy planet.  They purchased the farm in 2013 with a plan to create a sustainable, organic, self-sufficient farm producing a range of unique chestnut based products using regenerative agriculture to increase soil health. John and Linda travelled to Europe to learn how to farm chestnuts and find out what could be done with these incredible nuts.  They expanded the rose and vegetable gardens on the farm, raise heritage animals and heirloom vegetables and herbs for food production and imported a flour mill to mill the chestnuts into their delicious organic gluten free chestnut flour.

The Farm
Chestnut Brae was originally both a chestnut and daffodil farm, now only the chestnuts are farmed, but the abundant daffodils planted between the rows of chestnut trees means the orchards are stunning in Spring when the daffodils are flowering, ablaze with abundance and colour in Autumn, picturesque in Winter and a cool European forest of trees in Summer.

Located just 40 minutes from the Busselton Margaret River Airport on the Blackwood River Valley Farm Trail, Chestnut Brae is 15 minutes south of Nannup (off Vasse Highway and Chalwell Road) and 55 minutes inland from Margaret River. Chestnut Brae’s rolling hills, pastures, permanent flowing springs and mature chestnut forests give a feeling of being in Europe as you arrive at the farm. Wiltshire sheep are our lawn mowers that roam and forage through the orchards keeping suckers trimmed and the grass down.  Cheeky Guinea Fowl busily fossick keeping insects under control across the farm.  Heritage pigs root and snuffle happily turning our soil over, adding to the soul satisfying peacefulness of Chestnut Brae.

The stunning gardens are part of the Organic Garden Trail, and open for The Festival of Country Gardens, the Nannup Flower and Garden Festival and Bloomin Wild.


CHESTNUTS – The Healthy Nut

There has been a lot of debate as to whether sweet chestnuts are actually a nut or not.   Let’s get that cleared up once and for all.  Hazelnuts, acorns and chestnuts are true nuts. They are each formed when a fertilised flower’s ovary wall swells and hardens and, despite their diversity in form, shape, size and palatability, they share the same origins. They may be from different taxonomic groups, but their formation relies on the development of their parent flowers.

A great many culinary nuts, are nothing of the sort. Almonds, for example, are in fact drupes, not nuts at all. Neither are cashews, pistachios and pine nuts. Many tree nuts are drupes, including walnuts and pecans (although confusingly these are known as drupaceous nuts as they difficult to categorise and are not true botanical nuts). Almonds, olives, peaches, coffee beans, cherries and plums are all classic drupes.

Fresh chestnuts are only available in season – which is April, May and early June.
However we have peeled and frozen chestnuts available all year, until sold out.

I can’t believe how delicious the Chestnut Brae bacon is, melt in your mouth and nitrate free too!
Jason Wallis, Bassendean, WA

Farm Stay & Tours

Welcome to Chestnut Brae Farm Stay

A fully self contained three bedroom cottage, Chestnut Cottage Farmstay was the original dairy and later the farmhouse before
John and Linda converted it to a farmstay in 2016.

Set in the stunning heart of the Southwest, 15km south of Nannup, nestled between pristine jarrah forest and rolling hills of farm land, Chestnut Cottage is a peaceful rural retreat offering an unique tranquil haven. Chestnut Cottage is perfect for relaxing, reading, star-gazing, bird watching, bush walking, cycling, exploring the south west region, watching kangaroos and emus at the start and end of each day and providing your children with the opportunity to connect with nature and learn where their food comes from.

While you’re here with your family, with your partner, or one your own, make sure you ask about our Chestnut Experience Farm Tour.  The tour takes you from the medicinal garden, into the rose garden, the chestnut orchard, the grading shed, shows you the mill room and the farm shop.  The history and many uses of chestnuts is explained, as is the harvesting, grading and processing of chestnuts along with the system of regenerative farming and the raising of the pigs and sheep.

Our family stayed at Chestnut Cottage for a weekend with another friend’s family. We had an amazing time fishing for Marron, touring the farm learning about Chestnut’s and just enjoying the peace, tranquility and nature. The kids had an absolute ball collecting the eggs each morning and feeding the Alpaca. We can’t wait to come back again next year.

Sarah Jones,Bullcreek,WA


Cooking & Storing Instructions

Chestnuts are a versatile nut that can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes with or without its inner skin.
Fresh chestnuts, unlike other nuts, are a perishable crop. To avoid chestnuts drying out, store in an airtight container, paper bag or perforated plastic bag in the crisper compartment of the fridge. Low temperatures just above freezing and high humidity are the secrets to long chestnut life. Place a damp paper towel in with them and they should last a couple of weeks. For long-term storage Chestnut Brae ready peeled chestnuts are vacuum sealed and will keep about a year in the freezer.



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Upcoming Events

Real Food ~ The Italian Way in July 2021

Real Food ~ The Italian Way in July 2021

Real Food ~ The Italian Way Join us for an Italian Cooking Weekend at Chestnut Brae with celebrity chef Vincenzo on the Weekend of July 3 & 4 July 2021 Saturday 3 July 2021 Sausage Making Learn how to make traditional Italian sausage with spices used in Vincenzo’s...

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Blackwood Chestnut Ale wins Gold

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Orchard in June

Orchard in June

Orchard in June The harvesting has finished. Let me qualify that, the winter rains arrived two weeks early and forced the harvesting to be finished. There are still nuts on the ground, but these will be contaminated by fungus and will not be fit for human consumption....

Golden Tree with a Golden View 

Golden Tree with a Golden View 

Golden Tree with a Golden View  Visitors to our farm stay at this time of the year always comment on the golden views from the deck. For the month of May the view is more spectacular than at other times of the year. The reason: Fraxinus excelsior “Aurea” is in full...

Doug Hardman’s Visit

Doug Hardman’s Visit

Doug Hardman's Visit Doug visited us at Chestnut Brae and to find out all about chestnuts, catch a marron, feed the pigs, cows, turkeys and much more. While he was here he learnt all about the processing of chestnuts and along the way, Doug made a great video and...

Irish Strawberry Tree

Irish Strawberry Tree

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Opera in the Orchard

Opera in the Orchard

Opera in the Orchard Jay Weston at Chestnut Brae & Chestnut Farm Tour Experience Saturday, October 31st, 2020 Gates open 11:00, Tour 12:00 repeated 13:30, Concert 15:00 This concert is limited to an audience of 100 in the orchard. The Opera will be held at...

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Farm Gate Sales
*by appointment, please phone us first to make sure we are here.  

Our normal opening hours are 10am to 4pm Wednesday to Monday, however we may be away doing deliveries or attending a market, so please phone first.

Where to Find Us


At Chestnut Brae we conduct Chestnut Experience Farm Tours for individual and group bookings. The garden is open for The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival, The Festival of Country Gardens, and Bloomin Wild.  Special events are conducted on the farm from time to time and will be posted in our blog and on our Facebook page.

Closest Airport

Chestnut Brae is just 40 minutes from the Busselton Margaret River Airport.  Time Travel Tours run tours from the airport, Rob Marshall is contactable to book a tour on 0428 302 370.

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