It is mid winter on the farm, time to prune the sweet chestnut trees and get ready for the spring. Pruning is essential to allow us to get the harvest equipment into the orchard come autumn. The limbs are pruned using a chain saw and the wounds are sealed to stop disease entering the tree.

We have a few chestnuts still in the freezer, but most of these will go towards feeding the pigs, ready for September when they will go to heaven. Fresh chestnut season is now over, we have plenty of peeled nuts that are available year around and are ideal for those Christmas recipes. Talking of Christmas, we were involved in our first Christmas in July dinner this month. An event that may seem strange for people from other countries. Christmas in July is quite an event in this part of the world.

Over the last few weeks we have been in the newspaper on two occasions, ABC TV, Chinese news and a blog that goes across China …. it is keeping us busy. 🙂

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