About Our Chestnuts

Chestnut Brae produces sweet chestnuts, and hand make, (or rear) a range of sweet chestnut products on the farm including gluten free chestnut flour and chestnut fed heritage pork. Chestnuts are a delicious treat, either roasted or cooked in soups or other recipes, and have considerable nutritional value. Chestnuts are a 5 star food! The Health Star Rating system calculates that chestnuts score 5 stars out of five stars based on their nutritional composition.  They lower cholesterol, are high in vitamin C, minerals, such as potassium, copper and magnesium, amino acids and antioxidants, are low in kidney stone-forming oxalate compounds, with less than 85 mg per 100 g, in comparison to other nuts.  Their fibre content makes them a low Glycaemic index food — one that raises blood sugar slowly.

In 2020 we produced our first Chestnut Honey, and Chestnut Orchard Honey.  Chestnut Honey is a unique honey in that it is dark amber, clear, spicy and intensely flavoured with a smoky, woody almost savoury aftertaste and a pungent, herbaceous aroma – a combination of sophistication and mystery. Chestnut honey has pronounced antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and therefore applies not only inside but also outside in the treatment of wounds, ulcers and sore throat.

With its unique aromatic taste, high minerals, strong antioxidant properties and antibacterial properties, chestnut honey is said to be beneficial against many diseases in the body. Traditionally cinnamon and chestnut honey, consumed together, were said to have an immediate positive effect.   Our Chestnut Orchard Honey is taken from the hives before the full flush of chestnuts are in flower, while our Chestnut Honey is strongly flavoured by the chestnuts as it is taken when the orchard has been in full bloom.

Fresh chestnuts are only available in season – which is April, May and early June.
However we have peeled and frozen chestnuts available all year, until sold out.

You are welcome to come and buy direct from the farm, but please call or email us first to arrange a convenient time.  We produce:

  • Certified Organic Sweet Chestnuts
  • Certified Organic gluten free chestnut flour
  • A range of chestnut products
  • Chestnut Honey and Chestnut Orchard Honey (new in 2020)
  • Organic Herbs and Vegetables – when available
  • Pork and Lamb – free range, pasture raised heritage Wessex Saddleback pork and grass fed organic Wiltshire lamb are available in packaged cuts or pre-ordered as a whole or half side order. Learn more about our delicious meat here
  • Free Range Eggs – when our girls are laying.


Come to our farm and purchase from the farm – please call us first to arrange a time as we are often out in in the orchard or on a tour.  Email us for a current product and price list. You can also ask to join our Chestnut Lovers Community to hear –  when chestnut season has started, when our chestnut fed heritage pork or organic Wiltshire Lamb is available and when we will be doing a delivery run through to Perth or in your area.

The following retailers are stocking the following products.  If one of these retailers is near to you and not carrying what you would like to purchase, I suggest you ask them to get it in.  I also suggest you call them beforehand to make sure they have in stock what you are seeking.

Basil’s Fine Foods 5/36 Anchorage Drive, Mindarie – Chestnuts in Syrup, Chestnut Chutney, Chestnut Mustard, Organic gluten free Chestnut Flour, organic gluten free peeled chestnuts, chestnut honey, orchard honey, organic gluten free fresh chestnuts.

Boatshed Market  40 Jarrad St Cottesloe – organic peeled frozen chestnuts vac packed

Clean Food Store  214A Nicholson Rd, Subiaco WA 6008  – Chestnuts in Syrup, Chestnut Chutney, Chestnut Mustard, Organic gluten free Chestnut Flour, Chestnut Honey, Chestnut Orchard Honey, Organic gluten free Fresh Chestnuts

Demand Farm through IGA stores – bacon (when available / for special events)

Dirty Clean Food  online sales of our chestnut fed pork

Dunn & Walton Shop 8, 257 Scarborough Beach Rd, Doubleview WA 6018  – organic gluten free  fresh chestnuts and organic gluten free chestnut flour

Kakulas Brothers 185 William Street, Northbridge, WA – organic gluten free chestnut flour, peeled frozen chestnuts and chestnut honey

Organic on Charles shop7/299 Charles St N.Perth – organic gluten free peeled chestnuts and organic gluten free chestnut flour

Paddock & Farm 1008 Beaufort Street, Bedford – organic gluten free chestnut flour organic gluten free peeled chestnuts frozen vac packed, Chestnuts in Syrup.

Peaches Fresh195 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle – organic gluten free fresh chestnuts, chestnut honey and organic gluten free chestnut flour

Scarvaci’s IGA Hamilton Hill  57/51 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill WA – organic gluten free chestnut flour

The Cidery  43 Gifford Rd, Bridgetown WA  – Chestnut Ale, Chestnuts in Syrup

The Garden Basket   31 Station Road, Margaret River WA  – peeled frozen chestnuts

The Glass Jar  11/4 Guava Way, Halls Head WA – organic gluten free chestnut flour, fresh chestnuts (in season)

The Plant Organic Cafe & Market  Shop 1, 20 Stephen Street, Bunbury – organic gluten free chestnut flour and chestnut honey

WA Artisan Food Group  online sales fresh chestnuts (in season)

Western Growers Fresh  99 Causeway Road, Busselton, WA – organic gluten free chestnut flour, chestnut honey, chestnuts in syrup

I have been posting recipes on our facebook page, so if you haven’t checked it out recently, take a peak and see if anything tickles your fancy.



We offer a service to restaurants who purchase our pork and our chestnuts for a special chestnut-focussed dinner event.  John and Linda will attend the event and in between courses will speak to dinner guests about the history of chestnuts, the story of the heritage pork, the health and sustainability philosophy and practices employed on the farm.  

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