The last time Chestnut Brae gardens were open to the public was in 2007. Over the last two years we have been busily developing the gardens to bring them back to their former glory. We have kept around 70% of the existing plants and planted many news ones.
The bones of the garden are based on mediterranean climate plants and we think the person who planted the garden 10 years back must have been inspired by Monet’s garden as there are a number of features that remind us the famous artists garden in Giverny. Subsequently we have decided to follow that theme and have created our own Aussie version of Monet’s famous arches.
Looking at the garden through Angus Stewarts eyes was another inspiration for us. We were lucky to be able to get a 10 minute video of Angus’s presentation and we have embedded it here. Even though Angus is passionate about Australian native flora he was enthusiastic about the planning that had gone into Chestnut Brae garden to ensure it has something in flower through every season of the year.

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