The coldest and wettest month of the year. July 2016 will be remembered as the wettest month. This is the first time we have seen our dams overflow and the ground is sodden everywhere. This will give the plants a boost for the spring.
The majority of the plants in our garden are dormant and little new growth is evident
The one plant that shows itself in all its glory is Red Hot Poker Kniphofia uvaria.
This plant from Africa was first described in 1794 and has several names. Tritoma, Torch Lily, Knofflers all refer to this plant from the family Asphodelaceae.
There are many cultivars of this plant, but we have spent many a time in Africa and enjoy the common species as it reminds us of the African flora.
A close look at the garden will show signs of the tulips emerging and the daffodils in the orchard are already in full growth.
Our jobs this month include pruning the sweet chestnuts, planting the seasonal vegetables and straw mulching the garden in preparation for the spring.

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