Our first litter of chestnut fed pigs for this chestnut harvest season have now achieved their purpose and are now sweet chestnut fed pork. The pork is available from our farm and from the following leading restaurants – Heritage Brasserie, The Revely, The Old Brewery, Wildflower, Tipico Catering and Clairault Winery. We suggest you contact the restaurants to find out what special events or menus they have planned for the chestnut fed pork.

Another group of small pigs have arrived at Chestnut Brae. The pork from this second litter will be available in early August from restaurants as well as from our farm.

Our pigs are from the award winning Berkshire pigs bred by Linton Batt at Culchee Farm near Beverley. We take them as small pigs and raise them on pig food
and sweet chestnuts from day on our farm. This ensures we get the maximum flavour and health benefits that is unique to chestnut fed pork.

We will have chestnut fed pork available from the end of next week and will get it up on to the website the week after hopefully.

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