Take a walk through the hills of Corsica in Autumn and you will see farmers picking sweet chestnuts, roasting them and making them into chestnut flour that is exported around the world. You can now visit Nannup in the south west of Australia where Chestnut Brae have introduced the same Corsican experience.

Chestnut Brae is a 1,000 tree organic sweet chestnut farm.  The chestnuts are harvested in autumn and are then dried to remove at least 78% of the moisture from the nuts before they are milled in the only dedicated chestnut flour mill in Australia which is located on the farm. This allows Linda and John Stanley, the owners of Chestnut Brae Farm, to produce an organic, gluten free flour that is locally grown and processed on the farm.

John and Linda went to Austria to purchase their flour mill which is designed purely for making the earthy, unique textured sweet chestnut flour that as you would expect, has a slightly nutty flavour to it.

Gluten Free

One of the many benefits of chestnut flour is that it is gluten free. It can replace part of the flour used in an existing recipe and is often used to replace rice flour or can be used as the complete flour. Chestnut Flour is high in amino acids, low in fat and high in Vitamins E and B, something other gluten free flours are often lacking.

Castagnaccio..The Chestnut Cake

Italians will be familiar with Castagnaccio sweet chestnut cake. The flour is used to make a cake with pine nuts, raisins and rosemary. Sweet chestnut flour is also used traditionally to make polenta as well as crepes, pie crusts, cakes and breads.

Our flour is available through selected retail outlets and bakeries, as well as from the farm. It is available in stores in 350gm packs and in 5kg tubs to bakeries and wholesalers.

ENQUIRES AND ORDERS CONTACT : info@chestnutbrae.com.au

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