Chestnut Brae has a new product in its range, Sweet Chestnut Honey. Chestnut honey is one of the most sought-after honeys in the world due to its health attributes.

Our bees are located in our organic sweet chestnut orchard during the flowering season , from December to the end of January. This provides us with honey that is available on the market from February. The majority of sweet chestnut honey is produced in the valleys and hills of Italy and exported around the world; our honey is produced in the hills of Nannup in West Australia’s south west.

Chestnut honey is loaded with pollen, mineral salts and tannins. These tannins mean the honey does not crystallise as easily as other honeys as it is low in acidity.

The Honey with Cheese

Those that love French cuisine will be familiar with chestnut honey as it is the favourite honey in that part of the world. In Parma, Italy they serve chestnut honey with ricotta, stracchino and other mature cheeses as well as with thick meat dishes, or with a piece of Pecorino Toscano and fresh pears.  This is a honey that can be enjoyed with many dishes. It’s great in baking, especially in gingerbread, and it also goes well with yogurt and cream desserts. Italian housewives add it to ice cream.

Adding chestnut honey to any dish made with chestnut flour is a no-brainer—heaven is a hot chestnut flour crepe stuffed with ricotta and plenty of chestnut honey over top.

The Healthy Honey

All honey products have health benefits, sweet chestnut honey takes these benefits a stage further. Rich in iron, Vitamin B and C, honey research has found it helps with colds, sore throats and bronchitis.  Due to its high antiseptic properties it is also used to treat wounds and many other health properties are attributed to this unique honey product

Our honeybees live on the farm and take the pollen from our organic accredited trees, we then process the honey on the farm .

The honey is available from selected retail outlets, direct from farm or mail-order.

240gm jar $16.95   plus postage

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