Chestnuts have begun to fall. Our first nuts were harvested on the 15th of March.. We expect the season to last until late May. So, if you are planning to join us on Pick Your Own, you have few weeks to plan your trip.

This year we have two NEW additions to our range of products:

Chestnut Honey and Chestnut Orchard Honey .we have introduced bees this year to maximise our pollination and can therefore sell Chestnut Honey which is one of the most sought-after honeys in the world due to its medicinal properties and the short season for harvesting. To our knowledge it is the only chestnut honey available in WA from an accredited organic chestnut orchard

We now have the flour mill from Austria and mill Gluten Free Organic Chestnut Flour. This was historically used to make polenta, cakes and biscuits in Italy, but it  is now used as a versatile gluten free flour.

We have changed our heritage pig breed from Berkshire pigs to the more endangered Wessex Saddleback Pigs and hope we can contribute to now saving that breed. The change was because Berkshire pigs have now become more common and out aim is save endangered species.  Chestnut fed pork will be available this year, for the first time, through the picking season

We will be open every weekend through the picking season and will provide refreshments.

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