Learn the skills of a propagator

Budding and Grafting Workshop

Event Date:  Saturday 12th October, 2019
Capacity:      20

Sweet chestnuts were grafted by the Romans and records suggest they were one of the first trees to be grafted. Alas, the skills of the grafter and budder are less common today, but this is an opportunity to learn those skills required to graft and bud your own plants.

The workshop will cover:

  • An overview of what can be budded and grafted ,plus the when, how and what technique to use
  • Learn the skills of success with the grafting and budding knife
  • Chip Budding, T Budding, Saddle Grafting, Whip and Tongue ..learn the techniques and when to use them
  • What to bud and graft and how to care for the plants after propagation
  • Optional tour of Chestnut Brae garden and sweet chestnut orchards.

Programme: 10.00am – 12 noon– morning tea  provided.

Venue:        Chestnut Brae, 106 McKittrick Rd, Carlotta, (take Vasse Highway from Nannup towards Pemberton, after 9km turn left at Chalwell Road, then 3 km turn right into McKittrick – don’t follow GPS).

Cost:           $35.00

PLEASE NOTE : You will need sharp budding and grafting knife. John prefers to use a Tina knife, as he has used Tina knives from Germany all his life.

Felco do a cheap grafting and budding knife.  They are both available from this website https://www.forestrytools.com.au/index.php?id=25

About the Presenter:  The workshop will be run by John Stanley NDH, Chestnut Brae.  John taught propagation and grafting to students at the University of Surrey and was invited by the American Nursery Association to train nurserymen in the USA in the skills of Chip Budding.

Reserve your place on this workshop now: Contact Linda or John linda@johnstaley.com.au Linda 0409104120 or John 0407809914

~Proudly supported by Keladry Farm Nursery, Nursery Rd. Nannup~


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