Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for us? The list below might be able to answer it, if it’s not there, feel free to contact us on

1. When do you harvest?

The season starts in the middle of March in typical year and carries on to the end of May.
We have to wait until the nuts are ripe and this happens when they drop to the ground.
2. Do you sell your Pork and Lamb all year round?
PORK – Our chestnut fed heritage pasture raised pork can only be produced when we have chestnuts and therefore the product is available from chestnut season onwards until we run out of chestnuts. We usually have pork until November or December. We email our customer community when we have pork available.
LAMB – Our lamb is grass fed organic lamb and is available once a year until we are sold out. We email our customer community when we have lamb available.
We send out an email when the meat is available, join our newsletter on our Home Page for updates.
3. Where can I buy Chestnut Brae chestnuts?
We sell to “boutique” retail outlets in Perth, Bunbury and Busselton. Find the full list on our Products Page
4. Can I book a tour?
Of course! We would love to take you on a tour.
Tours can be booked on our here and normally take around one and a half hours. They include the garden, orchard and processing unit.
5. Can I volunteer?
We are always looking for keen people who want to work with our small team. Send through your details. Find more information here.
6. How do I become a stockist?
We are always looking for new stockists who share our values and passion.
Contact Linda on
7. What animals can I pat?
Our goats always come up to say hello and are very friendly. Our cows are also friendly and can be hand fed. The pigs have their own individual characters but love to come and say hi!
8. Are you child friendly?
We love showing children around the farm and having them stay with us at our Farmstay. We think it is important people of all ages understand where their food comes from.
9. Can I bring my dog to the farm?
Our animals, chickens and guinea fowl are free to roam around our farm.  We like them to be happy and content, a strange dog would be seen by them as a wolf, and they would get stressed.  In addition our Alpaca are guards for our sheep and lambs and they too would consider a strange dog as a threat to their flock and may attack your dog if it approached their flock. So it is best that you don’t bring your dog to our farm.
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