Golden Tree with a Golden View 

Visitors to our farm stay at this time of the year always comment on the golden views from the deck. For the month of May the view is more spectacular than at other times of the year.

The reason:

Fraxinus excelsior “Aurea” is in full splendour, you may know this as the Golden European ash. This tree is a member of Oleacea and native to Europe where the green leaved form will live for around 250 years. The golden form is grafted on the green leaved ash and our tree is around 50 years old and is mature tree for this grafted form.

We are often asked if the wood is valuable as timber.

Historically in the UK the bow (from bows and arrows) would be made from ash. In the sporting world tennis rackets and snooker cue sticks were made of ash, whilst early pilots made those flimsy planes out of ash wood. Not that we plan to remove timber from our grand tree\

By John Stanley

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