It has taken us 6 years but we finally have our first production of chestnut honey.  We have our own hives and we managed to get a rather nice Chestnut Orchard Honey from our two hives, but it took an expert, he has a doctorate in honey production, to produce our first true Chestnut Honey.

Tristan Campbell brought clean hives into our orchard and with his bees and expertise produced 112 kilos of amazing Chestnut Honey for us.

We are currently getting labels printed and jars prepared and will soon have our first Chestnut Honey and Chestnut Orchard Honey for sale.

Why am I so excited about Chestnut Honey?  Well I have read so much about it, but never before had the opportunity to savour this rare honey.  We have had enquiries from a number of countries asking us for Chestnut Honey, and here is what I have been able to find about this incredible honey.

Chestnut Honey Health Benefits

With its unique aromatic taste, chestnut honey is highly beneficial against many diseases in the body with its high minerals, strong antioxidant properties and antibacterial properties. Especially when cinnamon and chestnut honey are consumed together, the effects on the body are immediately noticed. Here are the 10 miracle benefits of chestnut honey:

  1. High fructose is a very good energy store. Chestnut honey is very rich in fructose. You can consume chestnut honey regularly to get rid of your body fatigue. Thus, you will feel more vigorous by getting rid of fatigue.
  2. The problem of acne is one of the problems that many people suffer. Chestnut honey is good for acne with antibacterial effect. You can apply chestnut honey as a mask to your face by mixing with oat flour. It also reduces skin exfoliation.
  3. It prevents the wrinkles caused by aging due to the high antioxidants it contains. The anti-aging feature makes your skin look younger.
  4. Chestnut honey strengthens the immune system. Thus, war against diseases and microbes.
  5. B vitamin, vitamin C, minerals and iron rich chestnut honey strengthens the muscles and bones, increases blood circulation. It is also used in the treatment of liver and stomach diseases.
  6. Chestnut honey protects you against heart disease. Helps prevent heart attack by lowering cholesterol. It strengthens the heart rhythm.
  7. It is also rich in antioxidant and it is good for arthritis diseases which cause inflammation in joints.
  8. It is also against the flu, colds and colds that are frequently encountered when the weather gets cold. It affects cough and tonsillitis.
  9. Chestnut honey is also effective in eye diseases. It helps your eyes see better. It also reduces the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts.
  10. Chestnut honey is good for digestive system. Eliminates the problem of constipation. At the same time, morning and evening chestnut honey helps to lose weight when consumed regularly.

In Greece they say this about Chestnut Honey and it’s Benefits

Chestnut honey known to be one of the best dark honey in the world, is produced mainly in the chestnut forests of Northern Greece.

It is special and unique for its properties, with strong, pepper taste, peculiar smell, less sweet than your usual honey, with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Chestnut honey is rich ( and perhaps the richest of all ) in trace elements such as Potassium , Magnesium , Manganese and Barium, but in fructose and Tannins as well, due to the chestnut tree. Chestnut honey is a natural antiseptic honey.

This honey contains a large quantity of pollen grains which give it a very strong taste. This is one of its main advantages, because the strong presence of the pollen increases its nutritional value which helps in blood circulation and it is also a very good tonic.

Chestnut raw honey is the richest in antioxidants honey in the world. Is a high medicinal value honey, with natural antiseptic properties.

No other honey can even reach close to Chestnut raw honey, as for its health benefits!

Benefits of Chestnut Honey

Chestnut honey has styptic, disinfect and healing properties especially useful in the urinary and digestive systems , providing antimicrobial action to the intestine. It is recommended to everyone who is active, the elderly and people who have problems with Prostatis or Prostatitis.

There is almost no part in the world where honey is not widely used and celebrated as a part of the cultural diet. One can eat honey directly, put it on bread like a jam, mix it with juice or any drink instead of sugar, or mix it with warm water, lime juice, cinnamon and other herbs to make a medicine. It is savored by all due to its taste as well as health benefits, making it extremely useful and versatile.


Crystallization is a natural process that happens almost to any raw honey worldwide. The crystallized honey will not affect the quality of the honey.

When the  raw honey crystallizes, simply put the jar of honey into warm water no more than 35 degrees C and wait for couple of hours to become thin liquid again.

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