October in the Orchard

This is noisy month.

As I write this month’s events in the orchard you can hear the noise from my office. This year I am convinced there is more noise than other years.

There is the baa baa from the sheep who now live in a flock of 50.

There is the boom boom of the emu in next field as the males try and attract the females. Plus the chirping from the Blue Wren, Swallows and numerous other birds as they enjoy the longer daylight hours and warmer weather.

Yes, it is noisy. In fact the only things that are quiet are the chestnut trees. They come into leaf later than other similar trees from the same regions of the world. Our oak are in full leaf ,as is my Horse Chestnut and our grand old Ash tree.

Give the chestnuts another few weeks and they will be bursting into life as well. Only the Mother trees have come into leaf. They will pass the message to the other trees and then we will get huge spurt of growth in the orchard. Plus more noise as the chestnuts produce leaf and then flower very quickly and that is when there is real hum in the orchard as the bees start making our chestnut honey.

Yes, this is a noisy month.

By John Stanley

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