The first month of winter allows us to see the framework of the garden as most of the leaves have now dropped from the deciduous trees. It is time to start getting the garden ready for the spring. Mulching, weeding and pruning are the main tasks in the garden.
It may be early winter, but some plants are coming into their own.
Many bulbs are starting to show signs of growth, the Jonquils or Narcissus tagetta are the first to flower. These little gems brighten up the garden. They are a good luck plant in China as they flower around the time of the Chinese’s New Year.
The other plant that comes into its glory is our Japanese Cedar, Cryptomeria japonica “Elegans”. We have one of the largest trees in the State and it dominates the garden at this time of year. As the weather gets colder the purple juvenile foliage deepens in colour.
This evergreen conifer, you may think comes from Japan, but many botanists think it comes from China. The wood is prized for the making of barrels and furniture, not that we plan to chop this wonderful tree down.
We are busy planting the vegetable garden at this time of year, especially with seed potatoes and brassicas ready for the spring. This cold weather means it is time to be busy in the garden

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