Farm and Garden Tours

Farm and Garden Tours are available by appointment.
What to expect from a farm or garden tour.

The Chestnut Experience

Sweet Chestnuts fall to the ground in Autumn – April and May. Chestnut Brae is the only sweet chestnut farm that peels and processes chestnuts on the farm. We make a range of products, such as chestnut flour, ice cream, hummus, puree, mustard, or we roast and vac pack them. Blackwood Valley Brewing Company make award winning Chestnut Ale from our chestnuts. Join us as we walk you through the process from picking to quality control, to grading, peeling and finally sample some of the range of chestnut products we produce on our farm. We take you from tree to table on the sweet chestnut experience. Join us for an unique chestnut experience.

The Heritage Garden Experience

The garden at Chestnut Brae was planted around 2004 by the then owners Graeme and Marilyn Wells. Graeme’s passion was salvia and heritage roses. Gardens are one of John and Linda Stanley’s passions, so they restored the garden and replanted a number of salvia and more roses along with a selection of plants that are unusual in the region, including a Gunnera that John is nurturing.
Linda loves having fresh edibles, so edibles have been inter-planted, particularly herbs for culinary as well as medicinal purposes, in amongst the ornamentals. The kitchen garden comprises heirloom vegetables sourced from around the world.
The garden is open for festivals and a guided tour is offered.

The Marron Experience

Marron is a species of crayfish – freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters, that live in the waters of the southwest and is one of the world’s most delicious foods. Fishing for marron is tightly government controlled, with a limited season, permits are required and minimum sizes are enforced. Recreational marron fishing open season is from 12 noon, 8 January to 12 noon, 5 February. In season we will walk you through how to put out nets and later pull them in with the days catch. You will then get to taste this delicate morsel caught that day from our own dams.

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