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At Chestnut Brae we love hosting Volunteers to live-in and work with us on our farm. We have had many volunteers come and stay with us  through WWOOF Australia, Worldpacker and Workaway.  While we are no longer registered with WWOOF, we are still happy to accept WWOOF volunteers who wish to come to our farm. Volunteering is an excellent way to see the country and be hosted by farmers as you travel, or in between jobs as you back pack around Australia.

Chestnut Brae is a mixed permaculture, holistic management, regenerative and certified organic farm. We focus on sweet chestnut production and chestnut added value products as well as chestnut fed meat production.  We also have vegetables, fruit, chickens, guinea fowl, marron, pigs, sheep, alpacas and cattle.  We will be developing wetlands and a food forest as time permits.

You will leave your volunteer residency with a working knowledge of the way we run our farm and what regenerative agriculture entails.

Our work is seasonal, but generally involves the following areas… in Autumn it is harvest season and we are busy picking chestnuts and producing chestnut products, in winter we are busy taking our products to markets and continue making added value products, in summer the focus is on irrigation and watering, in spring the focus tends to be on animal activities.

Volunteering on our farm

1. What type of work will I be doing?

  • Vegetable garden – planting seeds and seedlings, weeding, watering, harvesting
  • Feeding and watering animals and moving them from area to area
  • General farm duties

2. What hours will I work?

  • The average working day is 6 hours a day for 6 days a week

3. Where is the farm?

  • The farm is 10 minutes south of Nannup, 55 minutes from Margaret River, 55 minutes from Busselton, 45 minutes from Manjimup, 3 ½ hours south of Perth city.

4. What should I bring to the farm?

  • In winter (June – August) you will need warm working clothes, rain / wet weather gear, working boots.
  • In summer (December – February) you will need hat, sunscreen, working boots, long sleeve shirts and insect repellent.
  • In between seasons you can check weather conditions on http://www.weatherzone.com.au/wa/southwest/nannup, then bring appropriate work clothing to suit the weather, which could be a mix of both of the above.
  • A sense of fun
  • Your own WIFI internet device as our satellite WIFI is very limited.
  • Telstra provides the best telephone connection in the country and you will get good mobile phone coverage if you are with Telstra. Other providers do not have good coverage in the country and you will not get phone coverage on our farm unless you are with Telstra.

5. How do I get to the farm?

  • If you have your own transport: our address and a map is in the Contact Us Here section of our homepage.
  • If you don’t have your own transport: We can pick you up from Busselton Coach Terminal. Email us ⦁ info@chestnutbrae.com.au to arrange pick up.

Volunteers Accommodation

You may be on your own, or living with other Volunteers in our Volunteers room or in one of our caravans which has double beds. There is a separate Volunteers bathroom and toilet. Volunteers eat with us as part of our family and all meals are provided. A separate kitchen area is available with a fridge if you want to make a drink or a snack for yourself.

Volunteers On Farm

Volunteers On Farm

Volunteers On Farm

Volunteers On Farm

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